On activism…

I’ve always been moved by the word activism, each time I read it; alongside names of those I admire like the peace singer Pete Seeger, poet Maya Angelou, Quaker Elizabeth Fry, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, environmentalist Joanna Macy, Black freedom rights pastor Martin Luther King and others and I know everyone reading has their own list of inspirations; people from all walks of life who in different ways have been described as activists for wanting to create a loving society in our world, in the words of Joanna Macy, a world ‘so worthy of saving’.

To be active, what does it mean?

I’ve come to feel it’s about being involved in a way that feels right to each of us, and keeping that question alive;

inside and outside

What is within? what moves me? these are contemplations I wish to always have and feel I can answer them best when I give myself the space to listen, silence is where I do that, giving myself time to turn in. Meditation, rest and prayer is an important part of this for me. I write a bit more about that here.(<<link check*>>)


whether that’s having a conversation, planting a tree, wearing a T-shirt or pin, going on a march, to checking in on your elderly neighbour -what kind of world do we want to live in and how with our lives can we keep asking that question, understanding and contributing to that.

Talking with friends who inspired all of these examples and other friends who have done more ‘peaceful direct action’ and on some occasions been arrested for what they believed was right; protesting arms fairs and fracking sites; they all say pretty much the same; I couldn’t have not done it – life just led me there.

I feel that one thing leads to another and feel sure that when we allow it, life will go ahead and move us.

I feel also being involved with organisations is a good way to bring about change; here are a few I am/have been involved with personally, I’d love to hear about ones you are

Quakers/Plum Village/Extinction Rebellion/Samaritans/

I’ve been journaling here about my interest in the meeting of activism and song; visiting different projects and organisations, and holding interviews with old and new friends around these ideas.