list of events with links- have left past ones for your interest –

I’m always glad to play and give workshops at events, always good to hear of more.



  • April – 1 week Arts retreat for 16-35 year olds at the EIAB in Germany
  • February 2nd Winter Warmer Be-in afternoon of songs, stories and poems inspired by the peace work of the Plum Village Community ,I’m co-hosting- all welcome. Quaker House Westminster
  • January 26th St James’s Church in Islington, playing at friend Tom’s charity concert in aid of homelessness
  • New Year retreat, I’m helping facilitate a retreat inspired by Plum Village – come for meditation, walks in nature, vegan food, singing,  songs, poems, stories, reflections on 2018 and looking into 2019 – rates on a scale to your means – please message for more.




*Grove Park is the community house I live in London, we have a community garden that hosts events – if you would like to know more or come and visit and lend a hand please send a mail






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