list of events with links- have left past ones for your interest –

I’m always glad to play and give workshops at events, always good to hear of more.



  • Friday 29th May Live House Show from our house with Joshua K (Yona) – 2 songwriter friends song sharing Live Stream
  • May 15th – 17th London Social Arts Festival (Online) – featuring my A Thousand Hands documentary on Sunday
  • May 1st Seamus Heaney Centre/Queens Theatre in Belfast University online folk/poetry: ‘Help’ evening featuring my A Thousands Hands Documentary
  • (tickets available, we’ll wait and see) June 12th St Austell Theatre , supporting Tom Robinson (solo show for African Great Lakes Peace Trust)
  • (now online) April 31st -May 7th Wake Up Your Artist Retreat, at the EIAB, Cologne, Germany
  • March 21st Crossing Borders Festival (singing with friends from Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers)
  • March 14th, London Church concert in aid of Cirisis homlessness charity (details tbc)
  • March 2nd Ordinary Courage at Chelsea College of Arts, singing songs as part of this piece inspired by peaceful protest of those being colonised.
  • February 21st -23rd Song Fest, Stokesley , performing and giving workshops; a meditation with song and a ‘family ‘peace songs session’



*Grove Park is the community house I live in London, we have a community garden that hosts events – if you would like to know more or come and visit and lend a hand please send a mail


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