Hello thanks for coming by

First, I like to say I intend to make everything I do freely available; you’ll find my songs, relaxations, poems and journal recordings word in a few different places through links through my site here to Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and insightTimer..

Funds for my life as an artist come through a few different streams; I use some of what I receive as a young people’s worker (supporting Special needs education and peace education with the Quakers, both with singing and music involvements), anything I receive from radio play and Spotify royalties, some set live fees, money from retreats (link page coming soon) I’m involved in and donations here. Together it gets me by, it’s an ongoing conversation with myself around savings and giving money away to causes and those in need – ask me if you’re interested.

I don’t believe in personal wealth accumulation without a planned social purpose and am I’m a supporter of the Living Wage Foundation – you may find interesting – it’s the amount that gives a good quality of life that I believe everyone should have.

I decided to make donations possible with the idea that one decides to their means what they would like to give to support me at any time

Anything is appreciated and will all go straight toward my recording and travel fund- exploring the connections between peace, and personal and social issues through song.

If you contact me we can have a chat and I’ll let you know a few ways you can donate and all donations receive a thank you letter.

If you came here looking for downloads please visit releases

thank you 🙂

love Joe