I’m keeping a journal every 2-3 months; on my interests and involvements within peace and social justice movements as a songwriter.

Words, photographs, interviews and recordings. Also included from 2019 are sharing projects asking for your personal contributions (thanks to all who have taken part so far)

If you’d like to receive the journal posts please send a note to me

love Joe

March to May
April Relaxation/Silent spaces continuing/Music and mindfulness evenings/BBC Introducing mixtape/ Sharing spaces/ Hassocksfield detention centre/WUYA and The Horniman Museum show.

January February

First response to Ukraine Invasion, prayer, conflict protest responses. new ep release, Quiet time and silent days, Palestinian, West Bank Garden of Hope Project, Music and Mindfulness courses, Peace Songs with Godfrey, Wake Up Your Artist Retreat, Passing of Thich Nhat Hanh.


October to December

Cop26, Relaxation for Climate Anxiety, Winter ep, Songs of Plum Village, The Heart Movement & Refugee Vigil protest Christmas song for Homestage Folk

July to September

Naomi Haigh, Palestinian – Israel Justice evening, the Arms Fair Excel and an interview with Home Stage Folk

May June

Meditation on the Serenity Prayer, Grenfell Tower memorial, Grenfell song, Pilgrimage: St Sigfrids Way, thoughts from Pilgrim Beth Thomas. The Heart Movement Tour and song demo.

March April

Policing protests, Stronger on Sundays racial justice panel on white awareness, Radical Joy For Hard Times (environmental arts organisation), up coming pilgrimage and new song the ‘Green of Grasses’ in the footsteps of those who gave us our right to ramble.

January February

Chaplaincy, Isolation overwhelm meditation, the Beyond Now Festival, HS2 Protest, Tree Sharing, Sharing on Death and 2x Interviews, 1 on working with people seeking Asylum, and 2 a sharing on my mistakes of being a white man trying to help and the wisdom of many voices.


October – December

End of year reflection, relaxation on steadiness and resilience, 2 protests (NRPF and Oaktrees) and The Winter Warmer festival.


The passing of a friend and song for them, Delius Rakauskas, new ep recordings, my full set from Farm Fest and an invitation to a peaceful NRPF protest vigil I’m organising in early October


My new Poetry page, continuing lockdown recordings and relaxations with Insight Timer. Protest art and a little bit of new song ‘This Skin’ inspired by the killing of George Floyd and a new found love for dogs


Live song share with Yona (still available to watch), Corona daily relaxation recordings,Wake Up Your Artist Online and  #LeaveNoOneBehind banner action and film


Corona (relaxations), album on Spotify and Youtube, Preparations for Crossing borders festival with Hakuna (my friend Godfrey teaching me Swahili), Song Fest in Yorkshire, (interview with Emily Smith Middlesborough Asylum seeker choir) and Great Lakes Peace Trust show with Tom Robinson June (lockdown permitting)



January February/March/April May/June July/August September/October November


January / February March / April / May / June July / August / September /October / November December


January / February / March / April / May June /

July August September/ October / November December


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