I’m keeping a journal every 2-3 months; on my interests and involvements within peace and social justice movements as a songwriter.

Words, photographs, interviews and recordings. Also included from 2019 are sharing projects asking for your personal contributions (thanks to all who have taken part so far)

If you’d like to receive the journal posts please send a note to me

love Joe

September to November
Trust Your Artist 2022. New Album work (Grenfell demo). Pakistan Open Mic. Derwentside immigration Centre and Rwanda. Solidarity and Song night. SDCAS Garden. Quaker Children’s Meeting.

June to August
August Relaxations, Betsy Rose evening. Buddhafield festival. Hassocksfield, Stop Rwanda and Stop Jackdaw campaigns. Power in Man demo, TRUYA and M&M (read on to see they mean!) Narc Magazine and BBC Introducing.

March to May
April Relaxation. Silent spaces continuing. Music and mindfulness evenings. BBC Introducing mixtape. Sharing spaces. Hassocksfield detention centre.WUYA and The Horniman Museum show.

January February

First response to Ukraine Invasion, prayer, conflict protest responses. new ep release, Quiet time and silent days, Palestinian, West Bank Garden of Hope Project, Music and Mindfulness courses, Peace Songs with Godfrey, Wake Up Your Artist Retreat, Passing of Thich Nhat Hanh.


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