Plum Village project


In August 2016 – through to January 2017 I worked from Plum Village, the home of peace prize writer  and activist Thich Nhat Hanh and Community.

Working as part of a project to make the Village’s teachings on peace available for children. Below are 2 playlists – a collection of 9 Plum Village songs reworked for the project and the second one; other recordings made – some collaborations with other artists, re-workings of more Plum Village songs and some new ones and some artist sharings.

Also kept a journal here – and shall add to it from time to time as the project continues

Another project we did at Plum Village was to record some tutorial videos for some of the well loved Plum Village songs, if you search ‘Joe Holtaway Plum Village’ they Weill come up theres 10 of them.