On rest/relaxation…

Rest as a practice was first in my life when I was younger I remember. My mum had some music and nature sounds relaxation recordings I used to listen to sometimes. Some 15 or so years later in a church in London, I was attending an event led by Plum Village and the monastics had everyone lay down as they guided what they called ‘Deep Relaxation’; the 20 minutes that passed I was guided through my body from my toes to the crown of my head.

We then sat and listened to a few songs played by a monastic I now call a friend, dear Brother Ben (Phap Lai).  ‘I want to share this’, I felt.

I’ve been offering relaxation with song like this since at different events, workshops and festivals to retreats and protest camps and here are some.

The invitation that day was to lie back and feel your body supported by the earth, and I remember Br Ben saying something like ‘when you can care for yourself you can really care for others, you are a wonder of life we want you to feel that…’