On rest/relaxation…

The importance of rest was present in my life when I was younger I remember. My mum had some relaxation/meditation recordings I used to listen to sometimes when I felt I wanted that calm. I learned how to meditate then, how to allow yourself into a peaceful space. I also remember feeling that listening to the songs we sang together  growing up and years later the two came together in me.

It was some 15 or so years later in a church in London, I was attending an event led by visiting Plum Village monastics, they had everyone lay down as they guided what they called ‘Deep Relaxation’; the 20 minutes that passed I was guided through my body from my toes to the crown of my head.

We then sat and listened to a few songs played by a monastic I now call a friend, Brother Ben (Phap Lai).  ‘I want to share this too’, I felt.

I’ve been offering relaxations with song since at different events; workshops and festivals to retreats and protest camps – here are some.

The invitation that day was to lie back and feel your body supported by the earth, and I remember Br Ben saying something like ‘when you can care for yourself you can really care for others and our world, you are a wonder of life we want you to feel that…’

mixture below -of relaxations

Environmental themed relaxation from Wake Up Autumn 2018

Volunteers relaxation for Wake Up Earth Retreat at Plum Village, France Summer 2018

Relaxation from Wake Up London’s afternoon Spring 2018; Wake Up is the Plum Village monestary’s international young adults movement


Relaxation from Peace Activism workshop given at Wake Up London Summer retreat. For more on the workshop do mail me and I’ll happily talk you through it.


From my Plum Village residence project – this relaxation was given to visiting teachers


Recorded relaxation given on a Plum Village visit


Relaxation as part of a workshop given to the Quaker Chaplains Spring 2018


Collection from the Wake Up Your Artist retreat, a creative arts and peace retreat in Germany 2018 – for other retreats see my events page, also mail me if you would like to know more about it