On rest/relaxation…

The importance of meditation/rest was present in my life when I was younger I remember. My Mum had some relaxation/meditation recordings I used to listen to sometimes when I felt I wanted calm. I learned how to meditate then, and get into a peaceful space. I also remember feeling that listening to the songs we sang together growing up and years later the two came together.

It was some 15 or so years later in a church in London, I was attending an event led by visiting Plum Village monastics, they had everyone lay down as they guided what they called ‘Deep Relaxation’; the 20 minutes that passed I was guided through my body from my toes to the crown of my head.

We then sat and listened to a few songs played by a monastic I now call a friend, Brother Ben (Phap Lai).  ‘I want to share this too’, I felt.

I’ve been offering relaxations with song since at different events; workshops and festivals to retreats and protest camps – here are some.

The invitation that day was to lie back and feel your body supported by the earth, and I remember Br Ben saying something like ‘when you can care for yourself you can really care for others and our world, you are a wonder of life we want you to feel that…’

Collection of Rest relaxations below: All donations welcome – it will keep me recording these on a regular basis- see button above, £1 per relaxation more or less to your means as a guidewhatever feels good 🙂

New Year Relaxation for 2023

August 2022 

Relaxation on Climate Anxiety December 2021

Relaxation inspired by the Serenity Prayer November 2021

70 relaxations recorded over the first 2 and half months of Lockdown from April 2020

Brown Plain Collages Facebook Post


Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 17.51.44

Few from my archive 🙂 

Environmental themed relaxation from Wake Up Autumn 2018

Recorded relaxation given on a Plum Village visit

Collections from the Wake Up Your Artist retreats, a creative arts and peace retreat in Germany hosted by myself and friend Larissa Mazbouh , also mail me if you would like to know more about it