Pakistan Open Mic

Thank you so much for coming along those who did 🙂 this was the video we watched For more on the Campaign visit and Joe ********************************************** Pakistan Open Mic for Loss and Damage Day of Action, (including a speaker from the campaign) Dear friends, I’ve found the last few weeks have been [...]

June to August

You & I we live as one, you & I, you & I, you & I we live as one Liberian Peace Prayer Relaxations, Betsy Rose Evening. Buddhafield Festival. Hassocksfield/Stop Rwanda Campaign. Jackdaw Campaign. Power in Man demo, TRUYA and M&M (read on to see they mean!) and Thanks: This Skin in Narc magazine, Oh [...]

Brother Phap Linh Relaxations ******************

Songs of Plum Village listening parties

Thank you all that came over the weekend to the listening parties for Songs of Plum Village - here's the evening streamed and the slides we looked at - from 2020's Winter Warmer festival... You'll find your song sheets at the foot of the page if you like to use them - please screen [...]