More The Love That’s Given


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Welcome to More The Love That’s Given

the reason for name is shared in the 3rd playlist: ‘So Around’

love Joe

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For the sharing pages click here. new ones will be added as I collect stories, please send anything through the ‘contact’ page’


For a copy of More The Love That's Given artwork




Thank you to the friends who played on these recodings:

(l-r) Sophie Lowedahl and Jon Ryan (violins), Tim Monkey (drums), Sergio Costa (Bass), Nick Kenrick (Sax), Andy Hall (Trumpet), Jill Ryan (Melodian, Walter/Wilma Glaubitt (Harmonica), Sophie Grunmayer (Oboe), Naomi Haigh (Cello), Manu Farenzena (Piano/vocals), Tom Pughe (French Horn),  Max West (Flute), Tom Manwell (Piano),

Untitled design copy

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