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Thank you for coming by the depression and stillness sharing, the writing of Be Still is explained above; a story of a friend who took time out to find peace in an emotionally challenging time. Statistics on depression and anxiety show how in this country we are currently at an all time high, (a little under 1 in 10). My feeling is that stopping (stillness) and sharing about experiences together brings so much understanding and is a way to a better kinder society.  If you’d like to add your sharing you can send me a note in the contact page; named, anonymous, written, recorded or filmed and I’ll add it below.

love, Joe

Alice, London 

volunteer with The Samaritans, emotional support helpline

Sade, London

a did you know education film about depression

found this for you …



Robbie, London, a song, 

Hi Joe,
here’s a song about depression – if I recall (can’t quite remember, I guess this must be around 2009-10ish?), I wrote the lyrics as a poem and then set them to music. I’m speaking to myself in the 3rd person about moving through/away from depression and my relationship to those experiences.
I also just had a new Mini Korg with nice sounds on it so really got into playing around with that!
Here’s the lyrics below.


You wanted to stay, you wanted to run

You wanted to feel it, so come, come, come

Comforting grey, catapulting away

Catastophies may stay, may stay, stay

We count through the week, we count through the day

We count all these moments when you’re going our way

You wanted to run, you wanted to stay

You only ever wanted to play, play, play

But you started to fade, fading away

You wouldn’t believe the things you used to say

All vision is blurred, with fire and word

And need to be faithful to all we observed


With daylight streetlamps all starting to glow

We couldn’t have known where they wanted to go

Waiting for night, they’re still waiting to hold

And waiting to feel what it’s like to be old

Oceans apart, and moments away

And satellites breeding as they float astray

Stand at the beach, stand at the start

And stand at the temple, and stand your steep heart


Colus, in Greece

I read the Guardian UK website newspaper and found this article to share with you,
thank you for the idea –  ‘What is depression and why is ir rising ‘

Sam, Iowa,

Tedex learning film

found this for the page – ‘depression the leading cause of disability in the world’

Illa ,Cornwall

My goodness what to say.

I’m better now thank God, thanks friends and thank the Samaritans mentioned above. I say better, well, I am managing and I see things more clearly now.

about 5 years ago I began experiencing dark heavy feelings, I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling trapped and dangerously scared. My body did not feel my own somehow. I had no idea what to do with these feelings. I was in my early 20s recently moved from home and didn’t want to worry my parents so I was just with it night after sleepless night and heavy day after heavy day – this went on up and down better worse from about 6 months until I rang the Samaritans – over the next month I spoke to a number of people who didn’t judge me or tell me I was a nutter. They just gently brought me around and I was so glad to have made that call. It’s given me the strength and interest to look into it myself and I’m reading that many people have similar experiences and that was a relief , I’ve worked through it with books, talking therapy and mindfulness- I’ve come to think of it now as my share to move through thanks for reading.

Ali, Stroud (UK)

Hi Jo, when I read your post it reminded me of an email I wrote to my family explaining my feelings during the time I was experiencing some depression, I wrote: ‘it felt like being tossed about in turbulent waves, barely able to keep my head up, and going deep down into the depression, probably as a method to avoid the pain and trauma.’ Describing in struggle & difficultly of the feeling & constant life crisis I was going through. Pl ase feel free to include this quote in your project. With thanks Ali

Manu, London

‘Ive never found myself in such a deep hole…’

My friend Manu shares about periods of depression 

Annabelle, London,

‘this is a tough one because I feel depressed at the moment’.

Annabelle, London ; a sharing of current depression…


Fern, Ireland, a story of moving country

Hi, JoeI’ve experienced depression shortly after moving to another country. Being away from everything that was familiar to me started taking its toll little by little. I struggled to belong, I wanted to be accepted, and I wanted to prove myself to others. I’ve put a lot of weight on my shoulders. I was also in an abusive relationship at the time, but had no idea. All I could feel was the energy being drained from my spirit, a sense of helplessness, of falling into a deep hole that was getting deeper by the day. I remember the despair of not wanting to exist anymore, and being scared and not knowing what to do with this feeling. When my anxiety reached its peak, the only thing that would calm me down was guided meditation. I needed to hear from someone else that “everything was okay”, because I was not strong enough to tell it to myself. Thankfully, this is all in the past. I’ve learned to keep an eye on my own feelings, to respect and accept them. I’ve learned to respect and accept myself as I am, warts and all. And to see that we are all beautiful creatures who deserve love. 🙂

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