Before The Bullets

(photo from banner making workshop at Amnesty International preparing for Stop The War arms fair protest 2019, possibly back in London in 2021)

Taken from the ground to serve a purpose,
not decoration, a broach or pin, no,
nor coins or keys or rings.
No, this metal was taken, compounded and formed in a mould to be small and hard enough to go through skin ; into muscle, into organ, lungs, stomach, brain – in

By who?
Someone: between two people who it’s almost certain won’t know, One and other, and if they did, would they be there at all? I don’t think so.

Before the bullets tear the skin we block a road with song.
A lorry has to stop, hundreds singalong .
Bullets stopped mid air.

The games played for the money and power of others, and because in ourselves we can’t stop.
I feel , peace education is real,

I feel we can stop.

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