White History Month

In 1970 a month was proposed, put aside to try once,
to look at Black History
Black History Month

1/12, 8.3% of a year agreed by some
They thought, a starting point to grow from…

In 2020 is it still something?
Or is that something worse than nothing
when nothing is no acknowledgment of colonialism?

This skin scared of the edges
Born into power and privileges.

It feels to me like our body has been unwell for a long time werein
and rather than look at the causes
we congratulate ourselves we noticing something–

Ella Baker, MLK, thank you
abolitionists thank you
Thank you daily for what you said
You have been our antibodies and I feel we must reflect
to move this mental illness to Martin’s* beloved best

Could at once, we start with White Colonial History Month?

*Martin Luther King described the Beloved Community, a belief in the coming together of people in their shared love of life

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