Oli is 17

Hello dear Oli, cuz, fam, my little man is 17

Proud of you and all you are doing Ol- the course (of course) and more than that the way you are – kind and cool and growing with the seasons -I picked some songs for your birthday.

A mix of (mostly new) and a few classics, different styles here, cultural backgrounds may you find some inspiration. One here is also new to me Sonder – I heard it today and found it so interesting and beautiful I put it in. I look forward to speaking again in a week or so Ol.

I almost put the new slowthai video in here- where he is pregnant, have you seen it? – his creativity is so wired and wonderful I think!.

I also put a video at the end by someone I like about meditation – I remember when you and Dylan were at Gillan you were talking about what life means – life decisions and so on…if I can (as something of an elder in your life!!) offer you anything it would be meditating 🙂

Here Russel Brand talks about it.

keep breathing and being your self Ol


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