Violence sharing

A tough sharing for sure, though one I wanted to open for anyone who felt to. Anonymous or assumed names of course welcome.

I wrote the song Lay Down inspired by the poet Maya Angelou – here’s Maya talking about rape…and secondly about how love liberates

Side by side in these videos I see the courage of a woman who never gave up on love and what she believes and I believe is in us all, some show it some sadly can’t touch it. Lay Down was an effort to hold the redemptive, strong and fiercely compassionate spirit of Maya.

Domestic violence is very real – stats from 2019 in the UK show an increase on 24% to 2.4 million people experiencing domestic abuse – and that is those who report it, as the report suggests.

I had a sharing sent to me from a friend and here another friend agreed to read it out-

and also the accompanying playlist – please send suggestions

Anonymous, words of encouragement

I would like to stay Anonymous thank you for the opportunity to share , I came out of a violent relationship myself 3 years ago and I just wanted to say for anyine reading this who would describe their situation as anything similiar you are more able to make a change than you may think. Life is waiting for you something beautful that you deserve will come if you move toward it

If you’d like to share anything please let me know.

Daniel. US

I resonate with the above sharing thanks a million for it – something similar for me leaving the love of my life but needing to as things were getting worse and worse, some mental abuse and physical. a song that helped me then was Hozier Cherry Wine- so many people suffer with this stuff. I pray we move far from this in the future and learn to manage our emotions and care for ourselves and each other better

Claudia, Italy

I asked new friend of mine, Italian singer/songwriter Claudia Sacco to share this song, EMMA -lyrics below thank you Claudia:

EMMA by Claudia Sacco

Emma why aren’t you happy?
They often ask her
With sad eyes she sometimes says “I have a wish for me
That I would like to come true “
What is there to be happy about?
The whole world is angry with her
She has never had friends, she has never been to museums
She wants to go
I would like to dedicate you
A thousand songs a day and
I know this is not normal
It is what I do best and
If you don’t like this world
You look for it in a dream
Emma lives on the street,
In the company of thoughts that never leave her alone
She would like to have another chance
Because she deserves it, because she deserves it
Emma knows she’s over, she doesn’t cross her fingers either
She doesn’t believe anyone and she doesn’t believe anyone will save her
Emma left one day, she leaves her reality behind
And now she doesn’t even laugh anymore
I would like to dedicate you
A thousand songs a day and
I know this is not normal
It is what I do best and
If you don’t like this world
You look for it in a dream

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