Winter Warmer Festival – for Plum Village

Thank you to everyone who came by the festival on the opening day in December- 

If you are coming today welcome – everyday is a festival day up to the end of January

Here is the Festival Programme , that’s all you need. Follow instructions to navigate around the festival site.

If you do come by for the first time please consider using this link to donate what you can to Plum Village (we recommend 10-20 £E$)

Let us know how you are getting on around the fire (message board at the centre of the festival) and you can also use the contact tab in this website with any comments


We realised when we opened in December that some of the sharings were not available in some locations – we have changed a few settings so we are hoping they should be viewable – please let us know if if not – it’s a learning experience!

Also we understood some people were unsure how to get into the stages-

If you go to the festival map in the programme – the tents themselves are links.

Sorry this wasn’t clearer yesterday – again a learning,

We understood yesterday that some tablets require you to find a tab in the first window of the programme that says ’41’ (number of pages in the programme) this will allow you to get to the rest.

Lastly it seems a few people’s browsers didn’t support Canva – if you click through to the Youtube Channel  for Winter Warmer Festival all video will be there to view.

With love

Rachel and Joe

Roshi Joan Halifax
Tara Brach
Charles Eisenstein

Story of the Winter Warmer Festival 2020

Dear friends of the international Plum Village Community.

We are Rachel Butt and Joe Holtaway, two singer songwriters who are part of the PV sangha in London.

Earlier in the year we planned to do a little gig together, the idea grew into a sharing evening and then it went international… (Rachel went to Plum Village for the Rains retreat) ! So we decided to record where we were and share , then to open the invitation – we should have know we’d have a festival on our hands!

So here it is… to warm us this winter and create some funds for Plum Village inviting friends of the Sangha to record special offerings that we will stream on the day along side a live sharing tent and a live evening Be-In.

see you there 🙂

with a bow

Rachel and Joe

15 thoughts on “Winter Warmer Festival – for Plum Village

  1. I made what I thought was a ticket donation but never received any information about how to access the festival. Please advise.
    Thanks! 🙏

  2. We try to get in the Zoom-meeting for the dharma sharing of Tara Brach, but the host doesn’t respond. Can we do anything else? Thank you.

    1. Hello Danique, Tara’s contriution was recorded a few days ago for us – it will be in the practice tent at 4.30 – she has some words especially for the community and a teaching she gave at her centre in the states. I take it you may have thought she was live today? I do hope that isnt a disappointment, in an effort to make an affordable, community based festival we asked teachers who know Thay and PV to contribute and this is what we got 🙂

      all recordings will be up for the rest of the year

  3. Hello dear Joe,
    Thank you for co-organizing this event!
    Where can I find the zoom room for tonight’s “be-in”?
    Thanks alot in advance
    Francisco 🙂

  4. Hi all! Very happy to support this event! Only thing is, I don’t see any links to the program here – all I can see on this page is the flyer. I suppose the live festival is over by now but I’d love to catch the recordings.

    1. Hello Dylan, all contributions were specially pre-recorded was recorded for us –and postted through the day today – festival style
      all recordings will be up for the rest of the year

      in the programme you will find link on the map

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