Friendship sharing

Here are the voices of some of my friends recorded in the run up to the album release I asked them what friendship meant to them. This is song is simply about that, a poem written on a little bit of paper inside my journal, the the deck of a ferry to Europe a few years ago with friends, ‘we are guided by the stars’. The night sky shone above us with it’s millions of far off suns. With all the changes on earth I can forget at times to look up and remember what we are all part of.

Would love to invite you stories and song suggestions for this playlist

Charlie, London

What is there to say – without my friends, even in little zoom boxes lockdowns would have been so hard. I sometimes wonder how we attracts friends, what is the point that someone becomes a friend, I’d love to hear others houghts about that. I remember a close friend of mine I have known from childhood we say it was the time we crossed the river together, we were at school running in the countryside for Sports and there was a river and somehow we both felt a bit nervous about it, I fell in, and the laughed so much we became friends for life from that moment!!

Joseph, London

A poem by my friend Jospeph Mpanga, ‘Slow Me Down Universe’ listen out for ths line ‘a conversation with a friend’ – thanks Joseph, this was recorded for the Winter Warmer Festival

Augusti, Italy

I had to be my best friend when I was growing up – there were times before autumn (school) where I felt that it as enough just to play my own games , other children too loud! But you know I made some good friends after all, and it turns out some of them felt similar to me actually!

Susanne, Scotland

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the lovely friendship ‘project’ you sent. Here’s my two sentences:
A friend is someone who knows in what space I’m in when they hear me say hello.
And Pema Chodron more specifically: A spiritual friend is someone who insults me. (I take it to mean someone who is honest and helps me grow – must find the proper quote)

I also had the honour of interviewing Susanne for The Winter Warmer Festival last year, he we are talking about friendship, music and suicide: Howard, a close friend of Susanne’s ended their life – shared about here, thanks so much Susanne for this precious conversation.

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