Migration sharing

Migration is something our ancestors have done for thousands of years, we’ve travelled to where conditions are favourable. Though with modern day hard borders, lives of migrating parties have suffered and may become victims of struggle, racism and prejudice.

For anyone within the Asylum System, they are often there with sacrifice and personal loss, and in search of better conditions and freedoms; individuals will be housed and processed in a system that can take a number of years. (Refugee Action report)

I’ve become aware of the journey that many take over the last few years, volunteering at a Day Centre for Asylum Seekers; (I’m involved in a gardening group, singing circles and mindfulness practices). My personal sense, articulated by a friend I sat with a for a meal at the centre was that, this journey was emotionally possible because of the people who offered their support along the way. Retelling a story from childhood in Syria, they told me, “it takes a thousand hands”.

This sharing space is for any thoughts you may have about migration, movement, ideas of immigration; as a reminder, please personal sharings/ links that you have found interesting.


Id like to start with another. I sat with someone I know A who kindly agreed to re tell his story of migration from Afghanistan. A is also the subject of this short film

Barbara, Wales

Reading views from recent far right groups I am interested in neuro-plasticity. I wonder myself if held views on the behaviour of others is changeable in a certain condition. My own study and reading into such things upholds the belief that it is. Reinforcement of views by those around us does, I hold, keep the distance between ones experience and the experience of another from any close proximity of familiarity. I feel it in myself, and I also feel the ability of the brain to change- I find it hard to forgive the views of anyone would would see someone drown rather than let the live here – but it seems the views may not be as seriously held as we thought?

Granta, London (from Denmark)

Born in Denmark, this really bothered me. The fear we see is growing and I get scared and I will try to stay focussed to do what I can


Scott, Norwich

Thanks Ahmadzia for your stories, they will really stay with me. I work as a support worker in a day centre. I’ve never met such brave people, they are patient and kind in ways that I find so inspiring. Last week was a birthday of one of the members, they spent all their (small) weekly allowance on biscuits for us – can you believe it!? Needless to say someone ‘brought’ the biscuits off them!

Joe (me),

Christmas 2021 – a vigil dedication song for the 27 who passed away in the Chanel between England and France.

Recording for Christmas. Thank you @homestagefolk for inviting it for the Christmas special programme. Check their handle here. The refugee body, my body, aware of the stark differences of experience and aware of the sameness- eyes, hands, chest, heart, family, dreams, humanity. I believe the experiences of the marginalised of our world contain lessons of absolute urgency, born of imbalance and struggle, to recenter love. Is this not the message of the Christmas story?

May I listen.

Love and Christmas wishes Joe

Drew, Tyneside

I found this series of podcasts informative, it mentions Derwentside Immigration Detention Centre, I know you’ve been there a few times:

Ali, London

From the same people as above, Migrants Organise, this shows the relationship between government contracts and the treatment of people seeking asylum. Not many people, including me, put these developments in the process together, I found it very eye opening, sad and eye opening.

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