Over the last year I’ve been bringing together my next record. Life continues this journey with the great gifts of friends to travel with and visits to them in their homes and them to mine to record. Four songs from the album make up this ep release.

****pre order here guide of 5 more or less to your means (please only what you can/free if you need it to be-no question) includes box, printed lyrics and eco badges, digital version also available for a donation. CD possible only if needed. Go through to contact and send me a note****

For how I use the donations please see my Donate tab

Oh Friends written about experiences of the anti fracking movement in North Yorkshire, a beautiful and desperate standing of friends to keep Ineos away from their village. They succeed and activists around the world breathed deeply at their resolve, I was honoured indeed to have been there to sing and offer some meditation workshops. Oh friends is inspired by their gathering to sing in front of the gates to the site each week, one of many actions they took.

Listen To Women. Since recording these songs the news has brought us the tragedies of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa. Prior to this, this song came inspired by the inspirational women I listen to at that time – always my mother, Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasia Cortez and the rest of the squad, bell hooks…the list goes on but under the shadow of patriarchy – I felt to put some of that feeling into words

This Skin. This and last Summer I had and am having a conversation continuing about white skin with my dear friend Joseph Mpanga. It started as I undertook the ‘Being White’ course with the Quakers. Joseph, from Uganda and having been through the nightmare of the UK asylum system, is well aware of the effects on people of colour of ignorance of whiteness This skin draws some lines from the past that remain present as I continue to look into this.

Young Colours is a song for rainbows. Gender expression I believe is better and better, the wider it gets. I’d say I’m cis-gendered for the most part but feel my eyes filled with tears for the violence and exclusion of those siblings expressing themselves differently to heteronormative ideas. I raise my flag for embracing gender and sexual diversity as the norm.

As with ‘More The Love That’s Given’ my first release, my wish is that the songs open conversation. I’ll create sharing pages on the song’s content and welcome contributions please 🙂

I’ll keep it cd-less again unless requested. Will have a physical box with lyrics and some some eco badges.

Part of album 2 which is in process.

The ep features a family of wonderful friends (and family -my mum and step dad feature) along with the wonderful late and ever present Naomi Haigh, Monica Max West, Martha Wright, Will Saunders and Tim Monkey and the voices of a choir of about 10 friends on Listen To Women – to be named including Manu Farenzena who was on my last record and my friend the Jazz singer Melissa James.




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