Silent space and silent days

Thanks for stopping in.

These are complicated times , maybe this helps, I know it helps me.

I’m planning on doing half an hour quiet time every morning and evening through 2022 and opening it up to anyone who feels they’d like to join -please join me anytime to share some silence: meditate/relax/chill/downtime/journal/read/drink tea -nothing expected except quiet of course!! more about it in this video

I’m also going to explore quiet days maybe one a month – a whole day in silence ?!?! Yes!

If you’re interested and have more questions let me know first will be Sunday 30th January.

January, going to start with mornings 7-7.30/ evenings 10.30-11 (uk time) with a Social Time (drink tea together and chat) -6-7 on Friday 28th Jan. Silent Day Sunday 30th January -click poster for more on this and below is my zoom room for the regular silence.

maybe see you 🙂

there’s a waiting room, stop there, I’ll open it at 7am and 10.30pm uk (or a few minutes after)

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