The Garden of Hope Project, Palestine

My friends at BAT are working with peace activists to create something remarkable in Palestine, an area that regularly sees untold suffering and violence.

Working with Issa Souf* and Thanissara** the project aims to put a mindfulness garden in the Westbank, a place to offer peace in the middle of conflict.

As part of the Fundraising I have written and recorded a song “The Stars Taught Me To Read” based on the words of Arab poet Mahmoud Darwish (intro above) which for a donation I will send to you via WeTransfer): includes lyrics, photographs liner notes and the full live video.

*In May 2001, Issa was shot by two Israeli soldiers. He survived but is now a paraplegic. He continues his work with children ( ‘Love for life’ ) who are instructed in the arts, contemplation techniques and non-violence. He writes articles for various websites and continues to maintain relations with activists of the international solidarity movement and with Israelis who believe in Palestinian rights to their land. Readers here may also be interested to know of the connection between Plum Village and Issa; after being injured Issa spent some time in PV meeting with both Thich Nhat Nanh and Sister Chan Kong and continues to be supported by the community.

**Thanissara started Buddhist practice in the Burmese school in 1975. She was inspired to ordain after meeting Ajahn Chah and spent 12 years as a Buddhist nun. She one of the first women to take ordination in the UK. During her monastic life she became interested in the placement of the feminine within Buddhism and helped found Dhamma retreats for families and children. 

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