Racial Awareness

New sharing space on racial awareness following the release of This Skin.

From conversations I have had and am having about white skin with my dear friend Joseph Mpanga. It started as I undertook the ‘Being White’ course with the Quakers and read Layla F Saad’s book ‘Me & White Supremacy’. Joseph, from Uganda, having been through the nightmare (my words) of the UK asylum system, is well aware of the affects on people of colour of the ignorance of whiteness. This Skin draws lines from the past; referencing slavery and colonialism, that, as both the course, the book and listening to Joseph showed me, remain present today.

We have a workshop we run on the theme – the resource page for it is here


Please share your experiences and we’ll learn together.


I found this article a good read, shared it a few times:

How to be a better White Person from Root



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