March to May

Sow seeds of peace in the world; sow them, only then they may grow Wendell Berry

April Relaxation/Silent spaces continuing/Music and mindfulness evenings/BBC Introducing mixtape/ Sharing spaces/ Hassocksfield immigration detention centre peaceful protest/WUYA and The Horniman Museum show for Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers.

The first picture, some mail I received from my Mum, Spring is here. When it comes she grows seedlings, packages them up and send them in the post, they survive the bumps of the road and plant them in pots.

The last few months have brought many reasons to question hope, the realisation that massive conflict is far being rid in our system as humans, climate is beginning to cause more and more problems for many – overwhelm is of course plausible at this time- with this in mind I wanted to share this relaxation: 15 minutes, that if you haven’t experience it before, is as simple as sitting or laying on you back and following the guidance – breath, relax, really relax – it is I feel a birthright. The song I have here for you is ‘I got peace like river’ and the photo is actually from last spring, had a this time of year vibe, friend Alice can be credited 🙂 Above on Soundcloud here on Insight Timer.

Wanted to begin this post talking about the silent space, days and social I’ve had running this year, an idea I’ve been playing with for a while during the lockdown. For me silence is a wonderful healer – I found it in my childhood first from some relaxation recordings my mum gave me when I was overwhelmed and struggling at school. Fast forward 10 years I was finding myself drawn to places of silence, walks, parks, churches sometimes and through conversations with friends came by The Quakers and the young adults peace group based on the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh; Wake Up London. I’m still involved today in these two organisations – both I feel get a good balance of contemplative spaces and activism that work well for me. Always glad to talk about that more.

With lockdown I went to a few silent spaces and thought, I’m wanting to doing this for myself every morning and evening anyway, I should open this up. So I am – 7-730am 10.30-11pm. There are times that I can’t be there but the room is still open – you never know who you’ll meet – invite whoever you want. Come read, lie down, sleep, write meditate, drink tea – nothing expected – except quiet. I like to read something at the end – a quote or a passage about silence and peace Also doing a hangout for an hour month too- drink tea and chat I’ll post the date at the page for that.

I have more of a personal day a month of silence, which I’m glad to share about and invite people to join me if interested – please let me know if you are we can talk more about that! 🙂

To all who have come so far – it’s always so good to see you.

Today (Monday) sees the next in the season of Mindfulness and Music evenings with myself and Susanne Olbrich. We welcome you to drop by, musician or listener – the evenings are an exploration in mindfulness inspired practices (inspired by our shared love of the Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh) and sound. Since COP26 we have been turning the evening toward our Earth as we look at themes related to the climate emergency we face. This month we’ll be looking at Deep Listening. Online 7-9 by donation.

Thanks Tom R – BBC6 Music for play listing This Skin as it says above come along here to listen to the ep

The new ep looks at 2 new themes explicitly; Feminism and Racial Awareness – I made 2 new sharing spaces for your sharing- I value hearing experiences so much so please do have a read and if you’d like share anything please do I’d be delighted to share it.

click here to go to he sharing space.

This video is of peaceful protestors at Hassocksfield; a detention centre near Durham, established for women seeking asylum in the uk, who are deemed deportable. Myself and others disagree with detention as a solution, wanting to bring more compassion to the debate on asylum where things are looking harder for people under the new laws. By building support for the cause, these protests bring support to the Women already detained there; who are notified of the gathering, and also raises awareness in the area to what is happening. Here is also a poem ready by my friend Rosa by Warsan Shire about asylum written from personal experience – the campaign continues.

Big love to all who came to Wake Up Your Artist this Spring – another wonderful week at the Plum Village monastery near Cologne. Our next one is in Autumn for all ages. Together with my pal Larissa Mazbouh we take you on a journey to meet…your inner Zen Master, your Inner Child, your Inner Critic and Self Compassionate One, Your Artist in Flow and your Art Activist.

Lastly this post my appreciation for playing with Godfrey at The Horniman Museum in London last week. Here is a song in Swahili that always has me smiling ear to ear 🙂 Jambo means hello.

This will be amongst other songs on a small album to raise money for the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers – get in touch if you’d like to hear it

Releases – on request – by donation – free if you need it to be. click the pictures below.

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