Pakistan Open Mic

Thank you so much for coming along those who did 🙂

this was the video we watched

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Pakistan Open Mic for Loss and Damage Day of Action, (including a speaker from the campaign)

Dear friends,

I’ve found the last few weeks have been heartbreaking, seeing images of the floods in Pakistan. 

I saw the first ones on Instagram posts , then Charity videos (UNHCR, DEC and others)

It feels unimaginable in it’s scale and with recent trends is likely to be repeated in other extremes in the coming years

There is a growing wish in me to find something I can do.

I first looked into the charities mentioned above; many campaigns of course already mobilising relief efforts on the ground there with the resources they have.

I then came across this campaign around ‘Loss and Damage’; the concept of acknowledging those who have most responsibility for the current situation (The Fossil Fuel Companies) and calling them to provide funds for those affected to rebuild their lives

What’s happening in Pakistan is exemplary: from CNN article …”Pakistan is responsible for less than 1% of the world’s planet-warming gases, European Union data shows, yet it is the eighth most vulnerable nation to the climate crisis, according to the Global Climate Risk Index. ”.

Now being requested by Pakistan’s Minister, Loss and Damage was spoken about at Cop26 in Glasgow by countries in need of resources to mitigate an issue that they have disproportionately contributed to. I think this goes some way toward rebalancing what has become hugely unbalanced.

This isn’t about naming and shaming, I don’t think this will help, but it aims to bring some realisation to a new generation of managers, ceos and politicians who I hope will carry this responsibility forward.


I’m holding an online open mic on September 22nd to coincide with the Loss and Damage Day of Action, including a speaker from the campaign.

Funds raised that evening through pledged donations will go toward to the work of the DEC, supporting on the disaster relief in Pakistan, and we will learn about ways to support the Loss and Damage campaign.

To perform please contact us here


Thursday 22nd September 6pm -8pm UK –

Begin and end with a 5 minute candle lit vigil for those affected in Pakistan


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