3 Ships (No One Should Be Turned Away)

I was invited last year to contribute a song to the HomeStage folk Christmas session and chose the Carol 3 Ships. I did so in memory of the 31 people who had drowned in the Channel, trying to make the crossing from France to seek Asylum in the UK a few weeks before.

Their names are here, read at a vigil for them a few weeks ago; outside the Derwentside detention centre in County Durham.


Following the vigil and the news of a repeat occurrence last month in the Channel, where 3 more people drowned, I’m releasing the song to download and stream on Spotify/Apple/Deezer/ and Tidal with collections going to Refugee Action a central organisation that campaign for governmental policy reform and support the work of on the ground charities that support people seeking asylum throughout the UK – SDCAS is one example of many (also where I am involved) in Southwark, South London.

I believe the connections between all people cannot be forgotten. What I wish for my family I wish for all; safety, a home, somewhere to belong. Journeys by people in need have been made for centuries; from conflict, instability and persecution into the unknown, in the hope of something better.

We teach stories like the Christmas story, as one of humanity, of lessons in giving what we can to those in need, as I believe, in the knowing that everyone is sacred, born, as the author Vandana Shiva says ‘ultimately of life’s mysterious beauty’. I want to live in a world where that is reflected by those in positions of power..

The song can be requested here in 3 formats: Streaming services/Song’s own page/Download with live video, lyrics and more photographs of the vigil and the current campaign there.

Please fill out the form and we can be in touch and thank you.

Thank you also Jack Knox at BBC Introducing for playing the song out last week. ❤

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