Book group: Patriarchy

Hello, thanks for coming by.

This idea has been a while coming; I ran a festival workshop last year, some of you may have been there, called ‘Patriarchy and me’ as way of understanding myself better and hearing other experiences. I read some stats out that day about the destructive nature of patriarchy, somethings that once I read have stayed with me since, here’s a few:

Globally we are 61% of the way to global parity: reports based on political empowerment and economic participation. Trends suggest it would take 135 years to reach it and in some isolated areas nearly 300 years. (Time Magazine report)

Women are more negatively effected by car accidents because safety mechanisms are designed by men for male bodies (Highway Safety Transportation Association NHSTA testing)

47% of women of working age participated in the labour market, compared to 74% of men. (UN Study)

Around 1/3 of Parliament a women

Women are about three times as many hours on unpaid domestic and care work as men (4.2 hours compared to 1.7) (UN study)

Men are 3.1 x more likely to die by suicide (Samaritans)

That day at the festival we did a mindfulness exercise to start, then I read these stats and shared some of my own experiences; observations in me and around me reflecting to the stats above.

I also read this quote by bell hooks: Imagine living in a world where there is no domination, we are not always alike or always equal, but a vision of mutuality is the ethos shaping our interactions.

Further to that day I’d like to see who else is interested in exploring further the topic through reading. I wanted to start with this book; ‘Entitled, How Male Privilege Hurts Women’ by Kate Mann.

I understand it is a tough read, though hugely important I have heard from reviewers and friends.

I’m not the fastest reader so I would take a month to read it and then get together in a similar way to the festival with some mindfulness/meditation exercise and a held sharing space on what it was like to read. Copies are about 6 pounds on ebay I found

Once I get a few names we can start. thanks joe

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