Sister Chanh Niem Amazing Grace project


Hello friend, thank you for coming by to this space. My name is Joe Holtaway a Sangha member in the UK. I knew Sister Chanh Niem from visiting Plum Village and had the honour and joy of performing with her.

A memorial will be held by Plum Village on Saturday -which is open to attend here:

When I heard the news of her passing I was at a Sangha friend’s house, together with my friends Kareem and Raaz we listened to her Deep Relaxation on the Plum Village App.

In it Sister Chanh Niem sings a few songs in her unique and beautiful way. A week or so later the idea came to me to take that recording and sing with her again (you can hear the original and myself singing below)

and the idea soon grew into this idea… to bring in more voices – if you’d like to participate I’m hoping this tech sketch will help! If you are not sure – drop me a note in the contact menu above.

Listen on 1 device and record on your phone (a voice note recording is fine); please try not to sing directly into the mic, aim for just over it as it produces clearer singing recording results.

All voices welcome, if you feel like singing please do, harmonies welcome – may we sing to our grief with love 

Please send to me and I will put them together. If you don’t wish to record and would like to receive the recording please let me know. 




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