October into November…


October into November

Environmental camp in Yorkshire return, appreciation for the music activism of Mr. Foxx (Foxx’s Frequency) and Tom Robinson (BBC6), bikes for refugees project at our house and introducing voice of friend Ruth Bentley.  

– Also something in loving memory of American songwriter Tom Petty.



Autumn into Winter – and the shapes of the Hazel, Ash and Sycamore leaves in our garden at Grove Park are making all these beautiful patterns (above). The community living and garden project are coming together as we begin to take out what we grew this year (pumpkins above) and look to the new year. More gardening days when it gets warmer in Spring, let me know if you are in London and are interested in coming over or know anyone who you feel would benefit from a peaceful space.

One of our new house projects is to be a ‘Refugee Bike Hub’ for The Bike Project a organisation who restore old bikes and gift them to Refugees in London – if you have a bike to donate please do also get in touch.


Away from town, myself and some friends returned to visit the continuing environmental camp at Kirby Misperton in Yorkshire. As the work to set up the fracking equipment is happening the presence of campaigners has grown. it was again so moving to be there, to talk, to cry, to sing and be present for what is happening there.  Visits and donations are always welcome through their page above linked.

We sang the old spiritual ‘Down to the Road (River)’ together a few times over the visit. Recorded at All Saints…



Wishes to BBC Cornwall and the BBC6 listening post for including remixed recording of ‘Lay Down’ this month and Mr Foxx’s Frequency love and musical activist from Canada

Many times during the year the channel lovingly puts out playlists of new music and I’m touched to have a few songs in the latest alongside many songs for you to listen to…




Peace singer Tom Petty passed since I last wrote. I’ve loved Tom’s writing since first hearing  the album ‘Wildflowers’ many years ago and long admired a career of heart and dedication. Back in Plum Village about a year ago – a friend recorded this version of the song ‘Wildflowers’ the first song from that album as I sang it at the end of a session of  relaxation meditation. Thanks Tom


During that 6 month recording project at Plum Village I met Ruth Bentley, multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter and sound healer from England, living near the Village in the South if France. Ruth is known to many for guided relaxations there and a bright smile 🙂

Ruth came into the recording space and I am glad to share two if the songs here just now taken from the sessions, own song ‘Show Your Presence’ and ‘Gayatri Sunrise’ with African instrument Ngoni.

Including Ruth’s story here – thanks Ruth

Ruth Bentley is a singer-songwriter-soundhealer who weaves voice, strings, bowls and percussion into a soft but strong vibration, thus creating a deep space for relaxation, exploration or meditation, each of which can enable listeners to gently come into resonance with their true, unique frequency and, ultimately, their own capacity to heal. She has written many songs for both adults and children, mainly inspired by the wonders of the natural world, the complexities of human nature and, more recently, the miracles of mindfulness. She has been following Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings at Plum Village for the last five years, many of which have been an incredible support in her struggle with chronic Lyme disease over the past two years. She is now training to become both a music therapist and a teacher of mindfulness specifically for people living with chronic stress, illness and pain.

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