February and March



snow as idea of whiteness,
as in snowdrop, snow goose, snowball bush…

the snow that puts stars in your hair…

the snow in the back of our heads,
whiter than white, which has to do
with childhood again each year.

from ‘Not Only The Eskimos’ in collection Alive together by Lisel Meuller


The snow and the spring buds, song and story sharing at St Ethelberger’s centre for peace and reconciliation, a new playlist from Foxx’s frequency and ‘Wake Up Your Artist’ with Refugee place project. 






Beginning this post with a sharing about St Ethelberger’s centre for peace and reconciliation, a church in London working event by event to bring understanding and peace to the community. Having heard from friends about their event People Of The Earth, bringing together refugees and those with established lives in London for a day of sharing; food, stories and songs, I made sure to go this time. The event, run by the St E’s team included games to let us get to know each other, time to share personal stories, a delicious shared meal and songs – for those I had the good fortune to meet thank you – all are welcome to join the next one, to be confirmed.

Recorded here; Abdul and Hiroshi (guitar and Karumba),Vicki and Riordian (guitar and recorder ‘Guantanamera’) and Hiroshi (guitar and Kazoo) spoken words ‘health and happiness’ with Abdul and ‘finding strength in people’ with Habib. Lovingly curated by Jo from St E’s



To Germany – this year’s Wake Up Your Artist (picture above from last year) week still has some places. The second year I’ve been involved the week, held at the Plum Village monastery near Cologne, is for young adults (16-35ish) to explore creativity, mindfulness and peace through sessions looking at emotions, our inner child and our wish to share with the world with painting, drawing, singing, writing, movement and more -see WUYA page for more

*****And a project/appeal to go with this*****

As part of this year’s WUYA we are crowdfunding to give young adult refugees the opportunity to come funding a place and travel – if you feel moved to help out all donations are welcome – see our crowdfunding page for more


Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 00.40.05

To close this time a playlist from Foxx’s Frequency, the ever supportive songwriter’s friend from Canada who included my song ‘A Little Love’ in March’s ‘Refuge’ playlist alongside another caringly curated hour and a half of song.

with love


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