January into February…


The New year; 2 poems, a  Foxx’s Frequency January playlist, a deep relaxation recorded at Wake Up London and 2 songs as part of a fundraising appeal for the Liberian peace worker Annie Newshunn.


Felt to start with 2 poems ‘Working together’ by David White and ‘I happened to be Standing’ by Mary Oliver. I love what a poem can do, and these two speak of the new year  to me, of the possibilities of living in the year ahead – inspired by David White’s trust in life’s elements and Mary Oliver’s trust of a note book.

These two come from the Onbeing studio in America, a podcast asking questions of being to artists, scientist, poets and many others from all walks of life.


Annie’s appeal

During my time in Plum Village 2 years ago I had the unexpected privilege of meeting Liberian peace activist Annie Newshun and with friends in ‘Laurel’ (the name of the shared room I had with friends) being involved in the extraordinary unfolding story of our friend Christian, a former general in the Liberian army.

The film below shares the story and with it an appeal for funds for Annie.


‘We Are All The Leaves’ featured in the documentary is a Plum Village Song I recorded while I was there and ‘You And I’ I learned from Christian and Annie, and was recorded here in my space at All Saints with help from Danny (thanks for the drums)




Love to Foxx’s Frequency for this calming playlist, my song Be Still is there with many other artists to get to know.



Wake Up London the young Adults Plum Village group is running as usual at the Quaker House in Westminster see the page for more.

This relaxation was recorded last week at the session I facilitated with my dear friend Lisa.

Songs included are I Have Arrived – Plum Village song and Breathing In Breathing Out by Betsey Rose

I’ll be helping host an afternoon of peace song and poetry this weekend (3rd February) please get in touch anyone interested in coming along.

with love


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