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It’s not our differences that divide us, it’s our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences.

Audre Lorde

Buddhafield, Plum Village and Greenbelt Festival – recordings, talks, songs and a relaxation

August began with the Buddhafield Festival; run by the Triratna community, the Buddhist inspired festival runs every year in Devon with music, craft, workshops, singing and dancing and vegan and veggie only food. Some friends and myself from the London Plum Village community were invited to lead evening walking meditations. ‘So colourful and open-eyed’ a friend said, it certainly felt this way.

Lasting memories of gathering together with candles in jars to lead our workshop walk; slowly and quietly to the Glade, a quiet wooded area of the festival site where we stood in a circle, shared our thoughts and feelings and sang songs before going to rest – or going on to drink a cup of tea first and listening to some music.

Here are some sounds from the festival. For other events run by triratna visit here

Drumming workshop/Parami talk about belonging/’Freedom’ from Helen Yeomans singing workshop/ Dragonsfly with their song ‘Patchamama’/Walking meditation and our group singing Liberian peace prayer ‘You and I’ 

Plum Village


Later August saw the gathering of the Annual Wake Up Earth Retreat at Plum Village. 18-35 year olds from around the world who have been drawn to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh & Plum Village. Its the third year I’ve been, seeing old friends and making new ones. Some sounds from the village here: the full interview with Francoise, much loved friend of the village known for sensitive and moving song teaching with Mark and a relaxation I was touched to be asked to give for the volunteers before the retreat began in full. Included in it a new song called ‘Take Good Care’; this came walking between the Lower and Upper Hamlet sites of the Village last Summer. There’s a road that winds between pine trees along the road there. Walking along with my guitar in the sunshine and being stopped by a sister  (asking me to step off the road to be safe with a smile) will stay with me!

For all things Plum Village visit here and for the Wake Up movement  visit here. The festival takes place around the same time each year.

Bell/’Peace like a River’ singing worskshop(came out loud watch your volume)/Thay Phap Lu/Relaxation for volunteers/Francoise/bell and breathing/Sr Langh Nghiem talk/ Phap Lai Earth Touchings/Sweet Harmony


Greenbelt Festival




Founded with Christian inspiration in 1972, Greenbelt Festival, the ‘arts, faith and justice’ gathering has grown and grown including appearances from artists such as U2, Jamilia, and Billy Bragg to speakers, Annica Roddick and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. I found Greenbelt a sensitive, colourful and inclusive experience. The Sunday service focussing on immigration and the Windrush generation will stay with me. It looked at our responsibility not to be silent and to befriend and support those in a less privileged positions.

Lovely to meet those I did there thanks to Beth (Roots Into Reverence) and Bridgit from St Ethelbegers for running the workshop space at the Grove.

Writing from Grove Park, house share community in London with Autumn plans for garden projects and fire side sharings – if you are in London or want to visit for a few hours of peaceful mindful gardening please get in touch.


Alongside the recordings in my journal pages I have recently released an ep of songs ahead of an album. You can visit here to stream and download.

Please don’t let money be a concern. Feel free to pass through the donation screen with my blessing if you would like to download any songs and have no means to donate.

Any donations will go to my recording and traveling fund – thank you.

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