Hello everyone welcome to a page on my website – you are welcome good you visited.

We’d like your help 🙂

In the coming months we have 2 day retreats called WUYA DAY-O (Day -Online).

We had the idea to make a song to use in the promotion and we wondered if you would offer your creativity and sing with us?

Here’s what you do:

  1. listen to the tracks
  2. sing , dance whatever you feel !
  3. listen again and this time sing (Improvised) just using the word ‘WUYA DAY – O’ – sing it as many times you like in whatever way feels good!
  4. record your voice and send it to …wakeupyourartist@gmail.com
  5. We will take the voices and mix them altogether to make a few fun songs



ideally you will listen to the songs on headphones and sing into another device (smart phone is perfect) – This keep your voice and the music seperate.



The songs below are instrumental tracks for the project.




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