Practice Tent

***January Special show by DJ Path and DJ Oneness Festival walk through…***

And below a special offering to the tent after Anna’s beautiful piano, Brother Phap Linh, monastic and Lay friends – The Island Within

Thank you Tara for contributing your thoughts and word to the festival

An honour to welcome Joan Halifax to the festival, Recorded at the Upaya Zen Centre a couple of weeks ago. Roshi Joan offers us some thoughts and a meditation on compassion

Last week Wake Up London’s Gabi Enach interviewed Charles Eisenstein- yo can hear it later in the spoken word tent. In the interview Charles gave this meditation on gratitude – we felt to have it on it’s own too.

our next reading of Thay’s from Priyanka Sara

thank you martha, and thank you Patricia now for this calming deep relaxation

And now a reading from Martha Wright …

thanks li beautiful to hear you read, now a meditation with Monica Max West- you can also hear MMW later in Stars tent doing a set of songs

Sorry a little switch there Annabel is with is next, we put Mindfulness for beginners – Annabel tells me it’s more for those with a little experience though please come all …

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