Spoken Word Tent

***January Special show from DJ Path and DJ Oneness Festival Walk through…***

We were so glad to hear from Charles, someone who has influenced many of the community in his writings of connection, spiritual practice and appreciation of us (you’ll hear in the interview!) We put Charles in conversation with the equally inspirational Gabi Enache, one of our Wake Up London facilitators

and now the open heart of Ez Yaron, Ez is a Wake Upper and poet…welcome to the English countryside…

Joseph Mpanga (pilgrim, builder, writer, poet…in his own words ‘eclectic’) and I met this week to talk, we covered spiritual practice, colonialism, immigration, The UK Asylum system, death and continuation, – Joseph also read own poem Slow Me Down Universe,

Thank you for your beautiful and honest conversation Susanne, please visit next week to hear it again with the songs. Now there’s a bear on next 🙂

A now a conversation with composer and speaker on mindfulness and music, Susanne Olbrich, speaking to us from the Findhorn Community about life in practice and her album Continuations, inspired in part by the suicide of a close friend.

Those from PV Community in London will know Kelly for open hearted poetry sharings and a love of inspirational quotes. Kelly’s Instagram posts cover feminism, racial justice and self care amongst other subjects – thanks for this contribution Kelly.

Vivien, poetry of retreat, sunlight and apricots …

We begin with a story from Teri West – this was recorded before the festival, Teri was due to record us something especially but in Teri’s words

 ‘we are offering archive clips from Teri West as she is currently somewhat dentally challenged, resulting in unsightly gaps in the smiling and a bit of a problem with certain consonants’

Sending you love for your upcoming tooth appointments Teri

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