Stars Tent

***January Special show from DJ Path and DJ Oneness Festival Walk through…***

Sister and brothers…so cool

Thank you Melissa sorry this wasnt posted until the next day – your songs are a wonder – how blessed we are to have the experience of you and Max here in the Stars Tent 🙂

back to London with Wake Up London friend Flo Perlin

Some more from Audrey and a song from Nate Jones, some of you familiar to the centres in the states may know Nate. We had a few set backs recording and appreciating these 8/9 minutes brother glad we got a song to share from you

Amelia in Germany – enjoy the songs and the snow

thank you Helena and now to sweet sounds of Phil C Smith

thanks tom, touching as always, Helena, your songs – our ears 🙂 thank you for being here…

🙂 Tom Manwell from Wake Up London…

An honor to have you Maren- now a long term friend of PV – let the songs flow Ruth B 🙂

Beautiful songs of peace and justice thank you gary and ahbi…a first festival performance now for the deep and moving songs of …Maren Nunez

fans of Sebastien from Germany , we had an issue with that upload , please check back later …. sitting in the sunflower fields 🙂

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